Survey: purchase location depends on part

In a recent survey of 31 private and for-hire carriers, most fleet managers indicated that for seven of 25 part categories, they purchase their replacement parts from heavy-duty distributors. These components include drums, rotors, linings, seals, wipers, hoses, and fasteners.

However, they choose the OEM dealer network much more frequently for engine, steering, and interior cab components. Tires and lubricants are often purchased direct from the supplier. Percentages for other part categories in the survey, such as transmission, drivelines, axles, suspensions, wheel-ends, exterior trim, electrical, and air systems indicate that replacement part purchases are more equally distributed among the different aftermarket channels.

For more details about the survey, contact CK Marketing & Communications, 284 E Royal Forest Blvd, Columbus OH 43214; or access

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