Survey: Customer value as top priority just lip service in most IT departments

While 72 percent of information technology (IT) managers at build-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturers rank becoming customer value-driven as their highest priority, only 25 percent have plans to evaluate the front-office infrastructure and processes often crucial to customer value. This is according to a research report released by software maker Cincom Systems.

Best Practices in IT Front Office for Build-to-Order Products discusses findings of a report from a technology perspective on the state of mass customization and build-to-order practices.

Of the IT managers surveyed, about 85 percent ranked becoming customer value-driven, reducing costs, and introducing new technology as their highest priorities. Many of these priorities could be met with a knowledge-management system. However, knowledge management ranked last in priority with only 34 percent ranking it as “important” or “very important.”

In addition, many IT managers at these manufacturing companies considered a number of measures highly important in their organization. However, seven of these important metrics were seldom tracked despite being eminently trackable, especially if front-office and back-office systems are automated and integrated.

Cincom Systems targeted the survey at senior IT managers at 1,840 manufacturers of complex industrial, electrical, and transportation equipment and systems.

Visit for a copy of the report.

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