Supersucker now includes High Dump option

Super Products Corp has introduced the Supersucker High Dump option, which gives the unit the capability of unloading material into roll-off containers. The Supersucker unit retains its low center of gravity and is kept in a normal horizontal position during transit and during vacuuming operations, which allows for even loading of material and full use of the Supersucker collector body.

The design of the Supersucker High Dump allows it to be unloaded with or without raising the rear of the unit, so normal unloading jobs are unaffected. Its hydraulic system allows the operator to raise the rear of the unit to position it over the container. Supersucker High Dump allows baghouse and separator dust to be emptied simultaneously with the unloading of the collector body. Supersuckers with High Dump retain their standard high-capacity filtration systems.

General specifications of this unit are:

  1. Overall height of unit without optional boom and with body down — 13"-4"

  2. Rear lift height — 60" maximum

For more information, contact Super Products, 17000 W Cleveland Ave, New Berlin WI 53151.

TAGS: Truck Bodies
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