Study analyzes tank truck/body building in North America

The manufacture of tank truck/bodies is the subject of a report by (SVN), a market research firm. Titled Tank Truck/Body Manufacturing Applications in North America, the study is an analysis and evaluation of size, segmentation, competition, and trends in the manufacture of key types of selected tank truck/bodies. Product lines covered are aircraft refuelers, water tank trucks, LPG bobtails, vacuum trucks, bulk feed trucks, and petroleum trucks.

According to SVN, the manufacture of these types of tank truck/body assemblies represents more than $600 million in annual sales. Specialization by type of product is a key feature of the industry. There are some relative synergies in the production of aviation refuelers, petroleum trucks, LPG bobtails and water trucks, with the same manufacturers offering these as diversified product lines. On the other hand, vacuum trucks and bulk feed trucks are virtually stand-alone distinct segments, with their own industry characteristics and very different sets of manufacturers.

The study provides a detailed breakout of market shares in units and value for more than 100 manufacturers, further divided by product type and by geographical region. SVN estimates that the top 10 manufacturers overall account for 27.2% of total unit production. When ranked by industry revenue, the top ten account for 37.7% of sales. Only five companies rank in the top 10 for both unit production and revenue.

Manufacturer data is tabulated by sales, employee numbers, and plant size at each company. A total of 66 companies are fully profiled, with details on their products, niches and outlook. A directory of manufacturers supplements the profiles.

The study is provided as a complete report or separately for each of these individual segments:

  • LPG Bobtail Tank Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America

  • Aircraft Refueler Tank Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America

  • Petroleum Tank Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America

  • Water Tank Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America

  • Vacuum/Sewer Tank Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America

  • Dry Bulk Tank Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America

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