Stricter Overweight Vehicle Penalties Sought

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) wants tougher penalties for trucking companies that repeatedly run overweight vehicles on the Nutmeg State's highways.

A proposed bill would allow the DMV commissioner to suspend a trucking license for a company that does not pay a $2,000 fine within 30 days of a second conviction. If a third conviction results, a $5,000 fine may be levied. Under current state law, no fine is assessed for three-time offenders.

Gary J DeFilippo, acting commissioner of the DMV, said the proposed legislation also would improve communication between the state judicial department, which processes truck weight violations, and the DMV, which levies fines.

DeFilippo said details about trucking violations are often missing under current procedures, making it difficult for the DMV to fine companies that break the law.

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