Strick Trailers releases TF1 furniture van

Strick Trailers unveiled its latest model, the TF1 furniture van, with 100.5" of inside width and 4,295 cubic feet of interior volume at 53 feet.

“Customers in the moving industry are always telling us that they need more space in their trailers, and this design is what we were able to come up with,” said Steve Burns, general manager of Strick. “Most furniture vans on the market today only have about 99" of inside width.”

The TF1 furniture van is based on Strick's TF1 dry van. Side posts are .625" deep, and the interior is lined with snap-in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

“HDPE is a great trailer lining as it is both extremely durable and relatively light,” said Burns. “Additionally it is an environmentally friendly product as the HDPE that we use is made from recycled milk bottles.”

Strick incorporated many of the heavy-duty features found on dry vans. For example, side posts are riveted to side sheets with two rows of vertical rivets, and cross members are attached to the bottom rail with 5"-wide end clips and four rivets per side. At 18,200 pounds with standard features and aluminum side posts, the Strick furniture van is also available with steel side posts.

Standard features also include four curbside doors and two roadside doors, all with slotted inserts, flush door locks, and ramps holes in the threshold. The trailer also features a 15" high × 17' long belly box with “ice breaker”-style locks.

Visit for more information.

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