Stoughton Trailers Inc Prepares for Layoffs

Layoffs that have affected OEMs now appear to be affecting other aspects of the industry.

Stoughton Trailers Inc notified its 1,700 workers recently to expect layoffs. The company, which manufactures and markets semitrailer vans, containers, chassis, and flatbeds, sent a notice to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development about the possible layoffs.

The notice is required by state law 60 days before a layoff, but it doesn't mean that the company will follow through, said Ken Wahlin, Stoughton Trailers' executive director.

The company has about 1,700 nonunion workers at plants in three Wisconsin cities.

Wahlin said that any layoff would not affect all workers and would be only temporary. He did not say how many workers would be affected by possible layoffs.

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