Sterling unveils new Sterling 360

ATLANTA -- Sterling Truck Corporation today unveiled its new low cab-over-engine truck - the Sterling 360. Introduced at the NTEA's Work Truck Show, the Sterling 360 design allows for leading fuel economy in a low cab-over-engine truck as well as the industry's easiest entry and egress, biggest cab, outstanding maneuverability and visibility, and a body builder-preferred design.

With the tagline, Better All Around, the versatile Sterling 360 offers a complete, value-added package including expert customer support, easy financing, and body upfitting options. It also enhances customers' bottom line by offering significantly better fuel economy, which can save $600 a year or more over competitive models. All of these factors make the Sterling 360 one of the best overall low cab-over-engine trucks on the market.

"As we welcome the new Sterling 360 to the product family, we also strengthen our commitment to the growth of the brand," said John Merrifield, Senior Vice President of Distribution, Freightliner Group. "Sterling is now the only truck OEM to offer customers a full line of Class 3-8 vehicles, which allows us to reach a wider customer base and provides us with a platform for future product introductions."

The Sterling 360 will be available at select Sterling dealers across North America. Classes 4 and 5 will be rolled out in spring 2006 and Class 3 in mid-2007.

With more than 90 cubic feet of cab volume and more floor and belly room than competitive models, the Sterling 360 features the biggest cab in its class. Comfortably seating three, the truck also allows the driver to pass through the cab and exit curbside for added safety and convenience.

Whether on a crowded urban street or an inner-city construction site, the Sterling 360 features an impressive wheel cut angle for a tighter turning radius and large windshield and windows for front and side visibility. For easy upfitting, the truck's shorter cab-to-body clearance of 4.5 inches allows for longer bodies with more load carrying capacity and a greater range of body mount positions for optimum weight distribution and reduced wind resistance. Additionally, with 300 pounds less curb weight than comparable models, the Sterling 360 carries more payload.

As opposed to a tapered frame, the Sterling 360 is built with a stronger, straight configuration made from steel rated at 51,200 psi, resulting in the strongest in class frame. The parallel top and bottom flanges make it easier to mount bodies, and since it's painted both before and after assembly, fastener corrosion and loss of clamping force is prevented. Similar to a Class 8 design, the straight frame also makes wheelbase changes simple because all components can easily be slid to a new location. Plus, the fuel tanks, batteries, fuel lines, exhaust systems, crossmembers, and wiring are all efficiently tucked away and routed for easy maintenance.

Ideal for applications such as wholesale and retail services, pickup and delivery, landscaping, and construction applications, the Sterling 360 is available with all the necessary configurations for popular body options like dry van, reefer, and stake applications.

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