STEMCO Releases Tech Tip for rebuilding submerged wheel ends

STEMCO, a leader in the technology and manufacture of heavy-duty truck and trailer wheel-end systems and components, has released a Tech Tip to address the inspection, rebuild, and reassembly of submerged tractor and trailer wheel ends due to the catastrophes from hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Clean up has begun in regions affected by the storm and damaged equipment is being evaluated for salvage or rebuild. During this process, special consideration should be given to the evaluation and work procedures used.

STEMCO does not recommend putting any unit into service that has not had a complete wheel-end inspection and/or repair as described in the distributed STEMCO Tech Tip. If wheel ends are not properly repaired, wheel end performance may degrade, up to and including possible catastrophic wheel-end failure.

STEMCO Tech Tip #30 outlining detailed steps for inspecting, rebuilding and reassembling the wheel end can be viewed or printed from STEMCO’s website,

TAGS: Trailers
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