Stellar Updates Container Carrier Design

Stellar Industries, Inc. has updated the Stellar Container Carrier line to a modular design, providing improved efficiency in the manufacturing and assembly process and allowing customers to easily upgrade their units as business demands grow.

Currently, the 8,000-pound rated Stellar Container Carrier is available in 3 different models: the CC (Container Carrier), the CCR (Container Carrier with Rotator) and the ECCR (Extendable Forks Container Carrier with Rotator). The new modular design configuration uses common components for all models in the Stellar line of container carriers. This will allow a user who started out with the base model to upgrade to the CCR or ECCR by simply adding the proper module.

When a container carrier has all the modules to make it an ECCR, it will feature extendable forks for easy pick-up and placement of containers and continuous rotation for dumping from either side. The ECCR, when at full rated capacity and with proper weight distribution calculations that are dependent on chassis make, model and configuration, has the ability to distribute up to approximately 20% of total unit weight on the front axle when using an 84” CA conventional chassis, instead of the approximate 4% by other competitive models.

“Stellar wanted to provide a more efficient, flexible, and expandable product to this market,” says Glenn Rasmus, Demountables Sales and Product Manager for Stellar Industries. “We were able to design a container carrier that allows for an unmatched ease of expandability while taking our manufacturing process to a new level of efficiency. Also through the use of a proper weight distribution calculation, the driver can haul bigger loads in less time with better weight balance, which keeps waste haulers doing what they do best.”

Visit to learn more about the Stellar Container Carrier.

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