Stealth trailers simplify loading, unloading

Miller Metal Products Inc offers Stealth sport trailers, which simplify loading and unloading from either the front or rear of the trailer, or from both front and rear.

Designed to transport vehicles including ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles, Stealth trailers have fully opening fronts and a small rear door. An 8' × 54" fold-down ramp slides for different loading positions. At the front, the ramp clears the towing vehicle to facilitate loading or unloading.

Available in assorted colors, Stealth trailers come in two-place models (14' × 102" × 6') or four-place ones (24' × 102" × 6'). For full information, contact Miller Metal Products, 307 W Forrest St, Black Creek WI 54106.

TAGS: Trailers
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