StarLite 2 raises bar set by its predecessor

Tested and proven by carrying 4 million tons more than 20 million miles, Clement Industries' StarLite has evolved into the StarLite 2, a 38-foot end dump trailer of all-steel construction.

Weighing less than 11,000 pounds, the StarLite 2 delivers strength and durability at an initial cost that's less than aluminum trailers of comparable length, says Clement.

The StarLite 2 is a second-generation trailer that builds on the design of the original StarLite. Brought to the market about two years ago, the StarLite design consists of a space-age body shell featuring both curved sides and a curved floor. Since this debut, Clement has addressed all concerns revealed by use in the field. The enhanced result is StarLite 2, with improvements that include a larger, stronger top rail; a redesigned headboard and pedestal; and a three-leaf suspension.

Contact Clement, PO Box 914, Minden LA 71058 for more information.

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