STA-RAT Eases Tandem Slide Release Task

STA-RAT (Semi Tandem Axle Release Assist Tool) eliminates the difficulties of releasing tandem slide axle locking pins so a slide can be achieved. When applied to the tandem release handle, this patented product exerts a constant pulling force. As the driver moves the truck to release the binding on the pins, he can watch through the rear view mirror as STA-RAT pulls them free of the rails. Once released, STA-RAT will hold pins retracted while the trailer is repositioned on the tandems. The tool then is removed with a twist of the handle and reloads for the next tandem slide.

STA-RAT's foot rotates to accommodate most release mechanisms and will work on trailers with vertical or horizontal release handles. Formed with a hook, the foot also can be used to pull the fifthwheel release handle. When loaded, STA-RAT measures 23.5" long. For more details, contact STA-RAT Corp, 9356 Abraham Way, Santee CA 92071.

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