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Spreader stays out of the way during dump

Structural Metal Fabricators Inc manufactures the Model DD696, a hydraulically powered stainless steel spreader engineered for efficient spreading of salt, chemicals, and/or abrasives. The under-tailgate design permits hauling and dumping the truck bed without removing the spreader. Features include:

  • 7-gauge 304 stainless steel construction. As an option, the unit is offered in carbon steel painted Omaha orange.

  • The spreader can be easily cleaned, attached with quick mount pins, and removed by one person.

  • The 18"-diameter heavy-duty polyurethane spinner with six formed fins is adjustable to the left or right for spreader pattern control and has a self-leveling feature for different dump elevations. This spinner has an integral hub that mounts directly to the hydraulic spinner motor shaft.

  • A 6"-diameter full-pitch bi-directional auger with helicoid flighting conveys material to the discharge port. The discharge end has double flighting for more even material delivery to the spinner. The auger is mounted in flange-type ball bearings with a thrust collar at one end. At curbside, a high-torque hydraulic motor couples directly to the auger. As an option, the unit may be ordered with a 9" auger, Model DD996.

Contact SMF, 100 Held Dr, Northampton PA 18067 for more information.

TAGS: Snow & Ice
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