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Spicer Life Series Model 250 is improved

Dana Holding Corporation announced enhancements to its Spicer Life Series (SPL) Model 250 universal joint assembly, resulting in improved product performance and durability.

Designed to meet the needs of new low-emission, high-efficiency trucks in the Class 8 market, the SPL-250 universal joint assembly offers customers more than a 40% improvement in dynamic bearing capacity — in the same compact package — to create a driveline with 70% more power density.

The SPL-250 universal joint assembly uses a new bearing package that includes larger needle bearings for increased capacity, a special Viton synthetic seal for improved grease retention and serviceability, and a thermoplastic seal guard to exclude contaminants. A new synthetic lubricant provides further improvement in bearing life through the initial three-year/350,000-mile lubrication interval.

The assembly is also offered with the Spicer Quick Disconnect feature, making it easier to service the powertrain.

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