Specialized Series Totes Hefty Loads with Minimal Breakdown

Designed to move a Cat 637 or similar scraper, Rogers Brothers Corp's Specialized Series trailers allow transport of scrapers or other large equipment with little or no breakdown required.

This 60-ton trailer features three air-ride axles with 54½" axle spacings combined with a 10'-1" booster assembly and two detachable axles. The booster can be removed, and the rear assembly can be run as a three-axle, close-coupled four- or five-axle when hauling lighter loads or when a spread axle configuration is not required. The 26' dropside deck has wheel wells to reduce the overall transport height when moving scrapers or other rubber-tired equipment.

This model is available with Rogers No Foot self-lifting gooseneck, which operates on low hydraulic pressures using standard truck-tractor PTO, and can safely raise or lower the deck under full load. The ground-hugging Croucher design incorporates tapered mainbeams for loading stability.

Specialized Series trailers are built to satisfy government weight regulations and customer specifications. Offered in 35- to 100-ton capacities and up, they are designed to handle exceptionally long, wide, or heavy loads. Many deck lengths and widths, gooseneck lengths, axle configurations, and accessories are available. For more details, contact Rogers, 100 Orchard St, Albion PA 16401.
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