Sound-insulated power pack unloads cement transport

THIS 40-cubic-meter (1,412-cu-ft) cement transport carries its own unloading equipment on the upper coupler. It can unload 30 tonnes (66,000 lb) in 20 minutes. Furthermore, it burns tax-free diesel (off-road use) costing one-fourth as much as the tractor fuel. The four-cylinder water-cooled Yanmar diesel drives a screw compressor, and both are enclosed within a noise-suppressing cabinet. The noise level is reduced to 83 dBA at one meter (40"). Weight of the power pack is 650 kg (1,435 lb).

The Heil aluminum cement trailer has three compartments for flexibility in loading. It is built in the United Kingdom and was shown by Nicodeme SA, Heil's distributor in Belgium. Heil Trailer Int'l Ltd, Great Bridge Road, GB-WV148NP Bilston, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

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