Snowman pull plow mounts, removes easily

Snowman Snowplow Inc has a new Quick Mount for its Model (04)RS spreader-compatible pull plow. The plow's knife-mount system speeds installation or removal from the vehicle receiver hitch. Two safety stand bars support the plow for easier hookup and storage.

The (04)RS sports twin-cylinder and heavy steel construction. It is designed for commercial use with full-size 3/4-ton and one-ton four-wheel-drive vehicles. The wide-set mounting arms allow enough clearance for the plow to operate behind most V-box and tailgate spreaders. A tested and approved Class V receiver hitch is provided with each plow. Hydraulic power down pressure scrapes the surface cleaner, reducing the amount of salt/sand needed for de-icing.

Other highlights of the (04)RS pull plow include:

  • Eliminates back dragging and turnaround time.
  • Patented spring trip action-protects vehicle and plow.
  • 1,450-lb pump pressure provides a cleaner surface.
  • High lift capability (maximum lift height of 47").
  • Heavy 12-gauge in 7' or 8' blade widths.
  • No welding with installation.
  • Standard box wings or optional extension wings for large-volume jobs.

For full information, contact Snowman, PO Box 78 Bloomfield IA 52537.

TAGS: Snow & Ice
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