SnowCare for Troops rallies volunteers

SnowCare for Troops, a new nationwide program underwritten by The Boss Snowplow and coordinated by Project EverGreen, will bring together snowplow professionals and volunteers to provide free snow removal services for families with a spouse or family member serving in the armed forces.

Boss also will help Project EverGreen promote awareness for the SnowCare for Troops program to those seeking support and providing volunteer assistance.

To kick off the program, Project EverGreen and Boss are asking snow removal and lawn care professionals and volunteers to join their ranks and sign on as goodwill ambassadors in their communities. Opportunities to get involved include:

  • Adopting one or two families locally by providing snow removal services throughout the winter.

  • Loaning snow removal equipment to volunteers or groups.

  • Donating money, transportation, or gas cards to offset snow removal and maintenance costs.

The SnowCare for Troops program joins the four-year program, GreenCare for Troops, managed by Project EverGreen that has already provided free lawn and landscape services to thousands of military families. This program now has more than 10,000 military families in its database and is supported by nearly 3,000 green industry professionals and volunteers.

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