SMMT wants incentives for Euro 4 and Euro 5 trucks

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders just told the UK government it should encourage truck operators to buy Euro 4 and Euro 5 trucks before the deadlines for these emission standards, according to Transport News Brief.

The SMMT says incentives for the early introduction of Euro 4 trucks were first considered in 2001 but the industry has heard nothing since.

"The government has to embrace the idea of incentives in driving demand for the cleanest vehicles," said Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive. "Hitting buyers with tax penalties while ignoring incentives is absolutely counter-productive."

The SMMT expects to see the truck market distort this summer as operators queue to buy Euro 3 trucks ahead of the October 1 deadline for cleaner Euro 4 trucks.

"From an environmental point of view this is daft. But it is understandable, as truckers worry that Euro 4 models may be more expensive to run," said Robin Dickeson, commercial vehicle affairs manger for the SMMT. "Many other European states give tax breaks for the early uptake of new emission standards to help get more new, cleaner trucks onto the roads. We should do the same, without yet more delay."

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