Slider side fairing can boost fuel savings

Aerofficient announced that production of its Slider side fairing for on-highway trailers will begin in April 2012. The patent-pending system automatically expands or contracts when the trailer's axles are moved, filling the gap between the trailing edge of a standard “fixed” trailer side fairing and the trailer's tires.

“In TMC Type IV testing by a prominent fleet using an independent fuel economy testing expert, our Slider fairing boosted fuel savings by 80% over trailers using standard fixed fairings in a zero wind condition when the trailer's tandems were set at the 41-foot setting,” said Jim Reiman, chief executive officer of Aerofficient.

The greater the gap between the trailing edge of the fairing and the trailer's front tire, the less efficient the side fairing becomes. Filling this gap and preserving and enhancing the fixed fairing's efficiency by effectively lengthening it is the aerodynamic goal of the Slider. At a typical 41-ft axle setting, a gap of 30 to 40 inches exists between the fixed fairing's trailing edge and the trailer's front tire. Testing with a 35-inch gap against multiple competitors' standard fixed fairings in highway TMC Type IV tests, the Slider generated 7.2% savings compared with 3.8% to 4.2% for competitors' standard fixed fairings.

Affixed to the trailer's sliding axles, the Slider moves forward/rearward with the axles. No driver involvement is required, and the Slider does not interfere with operations. If maintenance is required beneath the trailer, the Slider is easily detached from the axles and slid forward for quick and easy undertrailer access.

All Aerofficient trailer fairings are made with an engineered, automotive-grade injection molded plastic panel material. The company's patent-pending hinged technology permits the fairings to bend in or out 90 degrees to pass over obstructions without being damaged. The fairings are also designed to hold their shape in extreme temperatures.

All Aerofficient side-fairing products utilize a patent-pending clamp system for fast installation without the need to drill holes in the trailer. The new Slider fairings can be installed with the company's fixed fairings on new trailers, or added to units with existing Aerofficient fixed side fairings.

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