Service body manufacturing to grow 3%

The manufacturing of service, utility, and crane bodies is expected to increase 3% to 2004, according to (SVN).

SVN reports that the industry experienced declines of 15%-20% in volume and employment during 2002 after bumper years of growth in 1999 and 2000.

The business research consulting company says that the anticipated growth is in line with the moderate capital spending plans of the energy, telecommunications, and utility sectors—all buyers of this type of commercial truck body. Sales of service bodies to such commercial service businesses as contractors and landscapers—which have served as the strongest market segment for service bodies—will grow even faster than those to large corporations.

SVN says that trucks with enclosed bodies such as panel vans, cutaway vans, and walk-in vans, are increasing their penetration in this market. Van bodies also are getting into the market, too, with interiors and accessories customized for use in service body and heavier utility/line configurations.

According to SVN, about 13% of industry production comes from integrated manufacturers who produce aerial devices in addition to service bodies, selling the complete truck directly to end users.

Details are found in a report that profiles 33 manufacturers in the U S and Canada. The report breaks out competitive market shares in units and dollars, correlated with number of employees and size of facilities. Additional information is available by e-mailing [email protected]

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