Sentry Torch Guard offers compatibility

Arndt Enterprise introduces the “Sentry” Torch Guard automatic welding nozzle cleaning system for robotic MIG welding cells. The system takes only seconds to remove built-up weld spatter and spray a mist of anti-spatter fluid directly into the gas shield nozzle providing protection for the nozzle, gas diffuser, and contact tip of the welding torch.

The system can be used with all brands of robots and robotic MIG welding guns and is compatible with all nozzle and contact tip combinations.

Standard features of the “Sentry” Torch Guard system include: compact size; adjustable nozzle clamping to fit all nozzle diameters; air preparation system including air filter, air regulator, and motor lubricator; long-lasting twin-blade reamer; anti-spatter mist sprayed directly into gas shield nozzle; large anti-spatter reservoir; and spatter debris catch pan. A floor mounting stand and a wire-cutting system are available.

All cleaning operations take place with only one move of the robot welding torch. Multiple movements that waste time and require substantial programming are eliminated. All phases of cleaning are completed in less than five seconds.

Backed by a 15-month warranty, the “Sentry” Torch Guard is easily integrated to new or existing welding cells. The small system footprint, simple electrical requirements, and single air line connection simplify installation. Shop air at 90-125 psi and controlled 24-volt DC power are required for operation.

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