Seminar to show strategies for energy management

The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Intl. (FMA), and its Green Manufacturer Network (GMN) technology affiliate will conduct the “Demand Response Workshop” October 27 at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, to provide industry executives with ideas on how to make company operations more sustainable and profitable.

The U.S. industrial sector consumes more than 30% of all electricity, according to the Department of Energy. Because industry operations are energy-intensive, demand response (DR) is a particularly suitable strategy for manufacturers trying to achieve energy savings.

“Implementing a demand response program can yield significant electricity cost savings and create a new revenue stream for business,” said Kate Bachman, editor of Green Manufacturer magazine, an event co-sponsor. “Experienced practitioners will provide valuable tips and explore the value proposition of DR for manufacturers. Geographically, DR opportunities exist for companies in Illinois, Ohio, California, Texas, New York, all of the Mid-Atlantic and most of New England.”

Speakers include Jeff Smidt, vice president & general manager - energy & industrial systems at Underwriters Laboratories, and Phil Davis, senior manager of Smart Grid Solutions at Schneider Electric. Additional presentations and panel discussions will feature utility representatives, customers, energy management system experts, curtailment service providers and third-party energy market experts.

Key discussion topics will include basics of DR; getting started in a DR program; understanding DR contracts; economics of DR and how to apply it.

Cost to attend the event is $295. Green Manufacturer Network members can attend for $195. Registration is available via phone at 888-394-4362 or online at

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