SEMA Opens Facility for Emissions Testing, Dyno Services

The SEMA Garage-Industry Innovations Center has opened and provides manufacturers with access to a full emissions-testing EO certification lab and dyno services.

Located directly across the parking lot of the SEMA headquarters in Diamond Bar, CA, the 15,000-square-feet facility will include a full mechanics garage and tech center.

The building was purpose-built 10 years ago with a full dyno lab that uses highly technical and sophisticated equipment to measure emissions output at a level consistent with the Air Resources Board requirements for EO certification. Working in conjunction with the Auto Club, SEMA is able to use the equipment to provide members with a valuable, low-cost resource for testing and obtaining certifications for new products.

“SEMA is in a unique position to provide members with a reliable and affordable way to test their products, thereby helping them get their products to market quickly,” said Mike Spagnola, SEMA VP of the Product Development Center. “We’re excited to be opening the Center up with EO testing and dyno services, and look forward to expanding on these offerings.”

With the emissions lab, SEMA is able to be an advocate and help manufacturers test and apply for EO certification. Basic dyno services are also available for the purpose of performance product development as well as iterative testing.

Future plans for the center include providing members with measuring sessions, R&D facility, and marketing assistance in the form of a media center complete with a photo cove, photography center and media coordination services. To learn more about the Product Development Center or to schedule an appointment at the lab, contact Spagnola at [email protected] or call 909-978-6707.

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