Self-Dumping Hopper lets one person handle loads

Ameri-Kart Corp has added the Self-Dumping Hopper to its line of waste and material handling products. This unit simplifies loading, moving, and unloading bulk items and waste. A single operator can load, move, and unload a filled hopper within a manufacturing plant, warehouse, or food processing facility.

An oversize latch holds the hopper upright while it is being filled. When the latch is released, the hopper swings to 40° below horizontal to clear all contents. Once empty, the unit's double rocker arms allow the container to return to the upright position, and the latch automatically engages.

Self-Dumping Hoppers come in volume capacities that range from 1/2 to 2 cubic yards; weight limits range from 750 to 1,500 pounds. Although manufactured as a watertight unit, containers can be fitted with optional drains. Units can be ordered with optional casters for additional maneuverability. Standard colors are gray, blue, and red; optional colors are available. For full information, contact Ameri-Kart, 433 Industrial Rd, PO Box 751, Goddard KS 67052-0751.
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