Seal Safe hasp and seal protector from USI helps guard freight against tampering

VSI LLC, headquartered in Green Bay WI, introduces the patent-pending Seal Safe hasp and seal protector to the transportation industry. The Seal Safe is designed to protect trailer seals from damage or tampering and will fit both the cable and bolt seals.

Local freight carrier WEL Companies brought the broken seal problem to VSI's attention after having several freight loads rejected due to broken seals. As a solution to this problem, USI created the Seal Safe hasp and seal protector.

“The unique Seal Safe design will not only protect the seal but decrease the amount of trailer theft as a whole. This product is a necessity for all refrigerated fleets,” said Chris Tielens, director of loss and prevention for WEL Companies.

The Seal Safe has a self-contained design that fits over existing truck storage door latches and a hardened steel, corrosion-resistant surface coating to shield the seal from hacksaw and abrasive theft attacks. The seal is not damaged by a shaft or lock being inserted into the hasp.

Broken seals are a serious and costly problem trucking companies face daily. Seal Safe hasp and seal protector will help protect freight from damage and tampering.

VSI designs, produces, and sells mechanical locks to all major domestic truck manufacturers and their international affiliates for production and aftermarket. It follows Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) guidelines to ensure quality and customer satisfaction and is ISO/TS 16949-certified.

Seal Safe is available for purchase at or by calling 1-855-935-9999.
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