Scorecard Ranks Machine Tool Companies

The 35th annual report on performance of machine tool companies, The Machine Tool Scorecard, is available. This edition provides data by rank, company, nation, machine tool sales, total sales, net profit, number of employees, and sales per employee.

Rankings are based on worldwide sales of machine tools; numerical controls sold by machine tool builders also are included. Tables and notes cover 238 companies from 11 nations this year — 88 are German, 65 Italian, 40 Japanese, 20 American, nine Spanish and five are from the Czech Republic. Four each are from Switzerland and the United Kingdom, and one each from Brazil, Canada, and France.

These 238 companies appeared to have machine tool sales totaling $31.3 billion, almost exactly the same as in 1998. (“Appeared” because many companies in Germany and Italy reported only total sales, sometimes much larger than their machine tool sales.) Increases in sales were reported by 86 companies, and total sales (as distinct from machine tool sales) increased by 1.5% to $199.4 billion.

Of the 65 companies reporting profits in both years, 28 reported a loss and another 21 reported a decline in profits.

This bulletin is distributed by AMT — The Association for Manufacturing Technology. Requests for copies should be sent to Candy Vincent, 7901 Westpark Dr, McLean VA 22102. She can be phoned at 703-893-2900, faxed at 703-893-1151, or e-mailed at [email protected].

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