Schneider National Expands Regional Driving Roles to 2,500 Drivers

Schneider National announced plans to grow its regional driving fleet to 2,500 this year, offering experienced drivers across the country an opportunity to enjoy the stability of a large carrier with weekly time at home or better.

“Work-life balance is more important than ever to today’s professional truck driver,” said Mike Hinz, vice president, Schneider National. “Schneider’s regional driving opportunities are a perfect fit for those drivers who want to make a good living with a company that will be here tomorrow, and at the same time, enjoy more time at home with their families.”

Schneider now offers regional driving opportunities across the U.S. with operations offices in the West, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast and Northeast regions. Strong reception of the service by customers and drivers, alike, has accelerated Schneider’s regional expansion plans. Hiring will continue throughout the year and all 2,500 drivers will be in place by December.

According to Hinz, Schneider’s rapid expansion is due to a growing freight base within each of its five regions. “The customer demand for our regional service has exceeded our expectations and created enough freight density to get drivers home weekly.”

Schneider driver Gerald Bartholomew, who’s been moving freight within the Midwest region for the past three months, agreed that regional freight is there for the taking.

“From my experience, there’s a lot of regional freight out there,” Bartholomew noted. “Since I’ve been running regional, I haven’t had to sit and wait for freight. That means a lot.”

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