Schneider National to Close Two Fueling and Maintenance Facilities

Schneider National, Inc., a premier provider of transportation, logistics and intermodal services, announced it will close Operating Centers (fuel, maintenance and operations facilities) in Seville, Ohio and Green Bay, Wis. on November 17.

The two facilities are the least utilized within the company’s network of national driver facilities.

A total of 105 Green Bay and Seville associate roles will be eliminated. In Seville, 10 office and 45 maintenance and driver services positions will be eliminated; in Green Bay, 50 maintenance and driver services positions are being eliminated. As part of the closure, approximately 80 Green Bay operations office associates will be relocated to another facility in Green Bay by the end of the year. No driving positions are affected by these decisions.

"We regularly assess our Operating Center locations to ensure that we have a cost effective and business efficient network to meet the needs of our customers and drivers. Freight flows, driver domiciles, customer locations and the maintenance and fueling requirements of our fleet are all taken into consideration,” said Mark Rourke, president, van/truckload for Schneider National.

Company support for affected associates includes severance packages, career transition services and an extended Employee Assistance Program. In addition, Schneider will host job fairs in Seville and Green Bay to introduce affected associates to area employers. Associates will have opportunities to apply for any other available Schneider job openings for which they are qualified.

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