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Schneider Logistics launches new bidding tool

Schneider Logistics, Inc., an international lead logistics provider and part of the Schneider National enterprise, announced that it has launched the next generation of its transportation bidding tool: BidSmart. The new Web-enabled bidding system optimizes shippers' transportation networks by identifying solutions that lower costs and provide additional capacity, while helping carriers find increased loads for their networks.

Using a Web-based bid format, BidSmart enables pre-qualified carriers to view a shipper's transportation requirements and bid on individual lanes, or packages of lanes, that best optimize their assets. In turn, carriers can also enter their rates and service capabilities, create their own packages, review specific freight service requirements and analyze bid results. The added functionality of scenario analysis now enables shippers to perform on-the-fly trade-off analysis for easy comparison.

"By combining technology with decades of transportation expertise, Schneider's BidSmart has saved shippers millions in transportation spend," said Dave Cobb, general manager, Transportation Advisory Service for Schneider Logistics. "Shippers benefit from improved service and capacity commitments at optimal pricing, while carriers can increase volume commitments on the lanes they service. This tool creates a real 'win-win,' and we have seen proven results across various modes."

BidSmart is offered through Schneider Logistics' Transportation Advisory Service, the company's global transportation consulting service that leverages technology, analytics and 70 years of transportation industry expertise. BidSmart replaces the company's collaborative transportation procurement product, SUMIT© CVA.

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