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Schmitz offers hot-dip galvanized chassis

Schmitz Cargobull claims to be the first trailer manufacturer in the world to offer a completely hot-dip galvanized and bolted chassis. Each component is hot-dipped before assembly, which means each joint is completely protected. The company has a 10-year guarantee against rusting through.

Schmitz expects the galvanized and bolted chassis to account for more than 80% of its chassis production ultimately. One reason is the ease of assembly at satellite plants. Another is ease of repair, with no repainting required. Besides its five manufacturing plants in Germany, Schmitz has four satellite plants in Europe and repair centers in most countries.

The Schmitz Mega-Trailer is now standard with the galvanized, bolted chassis. A Mega-Trailer is defined as one with an internal height throughout of three meters (118") where the overall legal height is limited to four meters (157.5" or 13' 1½").

In the past this large volume curtainside trailer has been mounted on 19.5" wheels.

Newest development announced at the IAA in Hanover is that the Schmitz Mega-Trailer will be mounted on 22.5" wheels, and that it will carry a new, larger disc brake having a 430 mm (17") diameter.

Exclusive tire used on the Mega-Trailer will be the new Dunlop 455/40 R 22.5 mounted on 22.5" by 15" wheels. This 40-size tire has a tire diameter of 936 mm (37"). That is only 5 mm (.2") taller than the previously normal 435/50 R 19.5 tire. Each tire has a load rating of 4500 kg (9,900 lb) so that axle loads are the maximum nine metric tonnes (19,800 lb).

The new disc brake for the Mega-Trailer will be part of a complete axle unit that Schmitz will soon launch on the market. The Rotos axle will use the internally ventilated Knorr air disc brake, SKF bearings, Schmitz' own Multi-Ride Height (MRH) 2 air suspension, and a THUl lift unit with a pressed-in outer ring.

The disc brake is bolted to the hub at only a few defined points, reducing the amount of thermal energy generated during braking from passing into the hub. As a result of reduced temperature loading of the hub, the permanent grease filling remains below a critical temperature range. Schmitz Cargobull AG, Bahnhofstrasse 22, D-48612 Horstmar, Germany.

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