Sapa pitches in to build homes in Haiti

Sapa Extrusions-North America, the aluminum profile company, is providing help in building a new infrastructure for Haitian people. Sapa will sponsor Raincatchers, a non-profit US charity that plans to build houses for up to 500 people, in rural areas 40 miles outside the capital of Port au Prince. By June 2010, Raincatchers plans to start building the homes, hoping to complete the project in four to six weeks.

According to Kevin Stuban, Sapa North America's operational effectiveness director, homes will be built in a semi-circle, creating somewhat of a security system for the Haitians living in the houses. Strength in building materials includes hurricane/seismic rated bricks, Sapa aluminum roof trusses, and tin roofs.

Stuban and his daughter both plan to go to Haiti as volunteers for Raincatchers along with other Sapa North America employee volunteers. They estimate 250-500 Haitians will have a place to live as a result of this project.

Sapa North America will fund the initial phase of the project through a challenge donation of $12,000. Sapa will contribute one dollar for every dollar donated by employees, suppliers, and customers. More financial assistance is needed. Any amount is acceptable to donate to the restoration-village account, which has been set up at

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