Safety tanker has extended range

One of the first “safety tankers” built in Germany when regulations were stiffened in the 1990s was the cylindrical tank by Ellinghaus. This company has been building tankers in Beckum in Westphalia since 1928. After running into financial difficulties in 1997, it was merged into the Schrader T+A Group, restructured and modernized. It remains one of the leading manufacturers of fuel tankers.

New at the IAA in Hanover was a shortened fuel oil tanker on a single axle. It incorporates the same cylindrical shape and upper coupler system as the tri-axle mounted tank trailers from Ellinghaus. This fuel oil single axle tank has a volume of 23,500 liters (6,200 gallons). The 3-axle petroleum tanks range from the newest with a capacity of 32,000 liters (8,450 gallons) up to 52,000 liters (13,700 gallons).

All Ellinghaus cylindrical tanks have used 5 mm (0.2") aluminum sheet for the cylinder walls. However, a new ADR regulation will require increasing the wall thickness about 1.5 mm (.059"). To keep the same wall thickness, Ellinghaus is switching to the Alustar alloy that has 20% higher strength, according to Lutz Gösslinghoff, manager of the Ellinghaus plant.

The entire line of Ellinghaus petroleum tanks utilize the Unitas 2000 patented upper coupler mounting to provide greater strength while lowering the center of gravity. It incorporates an arched dish of 8 mm (.315") aluminum, a 300 mm (12") high ribbed cavity, and then another flat dish of 8 mm (.315") aluminum. Schrader T+A Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co KG, Werk Ellinghaus, Vorhelmer Strasse 164, D-59269 Beckum, Germany.

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