Safety guide written for welders

The Lincoln Electric Co has released an updated Arc Welding Safety Guide (E205) aimed at explaining in a straightforward way the issues relating to arc welding safety, as well as recommended safe practices based upon practical experience.

This guide incorporates recommended safe practices for the shop floor. Written with the welder in mind, topics covered include personal protective equipment, arc rays, noise, inspecting and maintaining for equipment and workplaces, handling gas cylinders, shock hazards, fire risks, and fume and gas ventilation.

Arc welding is a safe occupation when appropriate safety measures are taken by welders and employers to avoid potential hazards. Potential hazards to welders include electric shock, overexposure to fumes and gas, arc radiation, fire, or explosion. Lincoln's guide is a tool which may be used to train and remind welders of the safe practices they should follow

Welders, employers and trainers can request a copy of the Arc Welding Safety Guide by visiting Under Quick Links, select Welding Safety to obtain Bulletin E205.

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