SAF CBX40 now comes with Auto-PosiLift

SAF-Holland is now offering Auto-PosiLift axle lift technology as an option on SAF CBX40 tandem axle slider suspension systems. The Auto-PosiLift combines the proven CBX PosiLift axle lift feature with a unique electronic control unit (ECU) and air valve system on a tandem slider suspension to provide an automated axle lift function. This arrangement blends the brain and the brawn to increase fleet efficiency.

The CBX40 with Auto-PosiLift was initially developed for multi-stop beverage distribution fleets; other varying load fleet operations such as LTL (less-than-truckload), fleets backhauling empty, and foodservice may also reap the benefits of fuel savings, reduced tire wear, and lower toll charges.

The combination of the CBX PosiLift axle lift feature with the ECU and air valve system creates a lift axle with automatic operation that complies with DOT regulations. The system is programmed to read the air pressure in the rear axle air springs each time a delivery or pick-up is made. Without driver interaction, the system determines to automatically raise the front axle or keep the front axle in the down position.

For example, throughout the course of daily deliveries, a load eventually diminishes to a point where the total weight capacity of a closed tandem axle suspension is no longer required to carry the load, thus allowing the front axle of the tandem suspension to be raised. Running in this configuration, depending on the business, could amount to as much as 70% of a vehicle's total daily miles. Operating with the tandem suspension with the front axle raised increases fuel efficiency, vehicle tire life, suspension component life, and brake/wheel-end service intervals.

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