SAE Establishes 42-Volt Advisory Committee

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has formed the 42-volt Advisory Committee to cooperate on technical, business, safety, and compliance issues related to this new technology.

This committee consists of about 30 members from government, industry and academia. Fred Miesterfeld of DaimlerChrysler Corp is serving as interim chairperson of the committee, which will also create and support new task forces and encourage development and inclusion of adequate test methods for components and systems and safety procedures in all 42-volt-related SAE standards.

Standards will be harmonized benefiting industry with a process-enhancing technology deployment rather than delaying time-to-market. The committee will serve as an approval mechanism for 42-volt standards and a second-level ballot for new 42-volt standards, or will designate an expert committee to perform the function. It will act upon the directive of the SAE Motor Vehicle Council to provide liaison with international standards development and research and development activities.

Service and repair issues will be addressed by a task force being formed by the Service Technicians Society (STS), an affiliate of SAE.

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