S-Line celebrates 30th anniversary

S-Line Cargo Control Products was born on a napkin at a local watering hole in Dallas and started in the back of a station wagon.

And it's still alive and kickin'. S-Line recently celebrated its 30th anniversary with a bar-B-Q and cake as employees, family, and friends gathered at its facility in Dallas.

S-Line has grown into a multi-million dollar corporation with over 100 employees. One of S-Line's facilities sits on a company-owned 50-acre industrial park and is growing at a phenomenal pace. In an ever-changing market, S-Line has diversified from supplying the trucking industry into direct import products for national retail chains, custom high tech engineered products and corporate promotional and fulfillment programs.

The story began in 1975 when a young entrepreneur named Jerry Squyres saw the need to properly service a cargo control market segment that was immensely overlooked. Squyres combined his expertise in transportation and marketing to start S-Line, which began as an Aeroquip distributor.

As time progressed, S-Line began to move from being a distributor to eventually becoming a full-fledged manufacturer of cargo-control products while enjoying rapid growth.

S-Line expanded on its ability to manufacture more of its own cargo-control products by opening Lone Star Parts, a steel fabrication plant located in East Texas.

Lone Star Parts manufactures much of S-Line's product, which includes winches, bars, loop kits, second decks and various hardware.

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