RSSplus is chosen as standard equipment

Walker Group Holdings (WGH) LLC, the maker of Brenner, Bulk, and Walker stainless tank trailers, has selected Meritor WABCO RSSplus roll stability support as standard equipment on all approved vehicle configuration applications, effective with the 2011 model year, beginning April 1, 2010. WGH made its decision based on more than 10 years' experience with the Meritor WABCO ABS and RSS systems.

RSSplus is a member of the SmartTrac product family of stability control systems.

Meritor WABCO provides trailer ABS to cover virtually all industry applications, as well as providing service and support. Its warranty consists of three years/300,000 miles for parts and labor.

Meritor WABCO is a joint venture of ArvinMeritor and the WABCO Automotive Control Systems Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of WABCO Holdings Inc.

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