Roush Unveils Propane Cargo Van

Roush Performance and Heritage Propane are showcasing a propane vehicle that cuts carbon and particulate emissions and reduce operating costs.

At the National Motor Vehicle and Aviation Workshops and Exposition (FedFleet) today in Phoenix, federal, state, and local government fleet managers, vehicle manufacturers, industry partners, and operations and maintenance managers got inside a propane-fueled Ford E-250 cargo van from Roush.

“The goal of this conference is to enhance motor vehicle performance of government fleets,” said Brian Feehan, vice president of Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). “Propane-fueled vehicles offer a domestic solution that can help government fleet operators save money and reduce greenhouse gases immediately, all while delivering the same or better performance.”

According to the Department of Energy, more than 7,000 government-owned vehicles run on propane. Government-owned alternative fuel vehicles displace approximately 10 million gallons of gasoline annually. Propane is the most widely used alternative fuel on roads today in the United States, powering 270,000 vehicles. Worldwide, more than 13 million vehicles run on propane.

On average, propane fleet vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent and create 20 percent less nitrogen oxide, up to 60 percent less carbon monoxide, and fewer particulate emissions, compared with gasoline vehicles.

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