RollTek side roll protection is now provided on Peterbilt Class 8 trucks

IMMI announced the availability of RollTek side roll protection on Peterbilt Class 8 vehicles.

RollTek combines side airbag protection with the latest advancements in advanced seatbelt technology to protect commercial vehicle occupants in a rollover. When a rollover is detected, RollTek deploys within a quarter-second to minimize driver movement, increase survivable space, and cushion head and neck impact. When an imminent rollover is detected, the RollTek system is activated.

James Johnson, IMMI vice-president of sales, emphasized the importance of rollover protection for truck drivers.

“Stability systems reduce commercial vehicle incidents by 25% to 40%, but in some situations when rollovers cannot be prevented, RollTek significantly reduces the potential for death or serious injury,” he said.

Mike Kelley, BJ Services truck and trailer specification project leader, explained the company's motivation for including RollTek as standard equipment on all new equipment.

“When you're running a high-CG (center of gravity) load,” Kelley said, “it can be hard to tell when you're going too fast on an off ramp or a curve, drivers can easily lose control. BJ has very high safety standards, which is why we are implementing the RollTek system.”

Kelley says drivers working at international BJ Services sites have additional issues that could cause rollovers.

“They don't have well paved roads like we do here,” he said. “If we can prevent even one fatality, the whole program pays for itself.”

RollTek is also available on Freightliner Cascadia Class 8 trucks. For more information, visit

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