Rogers Redesigns Ultima Series Packages

Rogers Brothers has redesigned its Ultima Series production packages to haul additional payload, yet still comply with new, more stringent GVWR regulations.

The Ultima Series includes spring- or air-ride models as well as various styles and capacities. Classic Model CR-35 AIR offers a Valu-Pak consisting of self-adjusting front folding ramps, full-center board decking, removable swinging side brackets, side member reinforcing, and severe-duty, unitized frame construction. Ultima 50- and 60-ton models feature a four-beam, cambered design. Custom-built Ultima models provide a wider selection of payload capacities, deck styles, gooseneck lengths, and other options and accessories. Hauling configurations can be maximized by taking advantage of Ultima's detachable rear frame, interchangeable decks, and detachable axles.

Standard equipment includes the No Foot self-lifting gooseneck, which raises or lowers the front of the deck under full load without a ram foot contacting the ground. The Scraperneck gooseneck design allows equipment to ride forward and low over the gooseneck, and a standard bucket pocket further reduces load height. Self-aligning tapered beam hooks assure positive gooseneck-to-deck connections, which are a one-person, one-minute operation. For more information, contact Rogers Brothers, 100 Orchard St, Albion PA 16401.

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