Rogers Brothers revamps tilt-deck trailer

Rogers Brothers Corp is offering a redesigned tilt-deck trailer. Model TT20, available in 20-ton capacity, has a 25'-6" full-tilt, unitized deck with an 80" drawbar for optimum weight transfer. The balanced deck easily tilts under the weight of one man. A folding, tapered rear ramp allows even difficult pieces of equipment to be loaded quickly.

Included as standard equipment is a 35,000-lb-capacity two-speed landing gear, dual hydraulic load dampening cylinders, multi-leaf spring suspension, and 215/75R 17.5 (H) radial tubeless tires. Other standard features include a multi-position pintle eye with 60,000-lb tow capacity; a chain storage area; air-dried oak decking secured with carriage bolts and deck clips; spring parking brakes; a 4S, 2M antilock braking system; rubber-mounted, sealed beam lights with modular wiring system; and industrial enamel finish coat with undercoating.

Options include a covered tool box, extra lashing Ds, disc wheels, slip hooks with safety latches, and a back-up alarm.

For more information, contact Rogers, 100 Orchard St, Albion PA 16401.
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