Roadway Express Forms Holding Company

Roadway Express Inc has formed Roadway Corp, which will act as a holding company to identify acquisition, merger, and partnership candidates and other opportunities for inclusion in Roadway's portfolio. Roadway Corp also will provide strategic, financial, legal, and capital market services to the Roadway group of businesses.

Roadway Corp also will be a minority shareholder in Integres Global Logistics Inc, an airfreight service provider that combines the assets and experience of transportation carriers with Internet technologies to offer a single-source solution for multi-modal shipment of heavy freight. Roadway Express will serve as Integres' primary North American ground carrier, providing sales support and operational fulfillment.

Other Integres partners include United Airlines and American Airlines, which will provide access to a worldwide combination passenger/cargo network; Unisys and G-Log, which will provide access to transportation management systems (TMS), integration, and hosting; and UTi Worldwide Inc, a global logistics service provider and customs broker, which will provide the primary international services.

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