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Risks to U.S. Recovery, FTR’s CV Report Says

Although recent economic data suggests U.S. economic recovery is likely on track, risks do exist, according to latest commentary from FTR Associates.

In their June N.A. Commercial Truck and Trailer Outlook, FTR discusses the possibility that Europe’s continued economic challenges along with the recent U.S. stock market decline and high U.S. unemployment pose real risks to the recovery.

FTR’s vehicle forecasts for 2010 included in the Outlook remain conservative with only slight increases for projected annual Class 8 demand driven by increased order activity. Eric Starks, President of FTR said, “We did raise our forecast marginally to reflect the current order activity; however, we do continue to be conservative because we look at a big picture, which tells us that there are real risks to too much optimism.”

The full North American Commercial Truck and Trailer Outlook Report for June is available to subscribers. In addition to FTR’s regular freight, equipment, trucking environment and economic forecasts, the current issue contains the full commentary on risks to the domestic U.S. recovery. For more information, please contact Eric Starks at 888-988-1699 ext. 45 or [email protected].

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