Reyco Granning improves 86AR Sliders

Reyco Granning announced that it has made two changes to the 86AR Slider series that will make those suspensions more cost-efficient and quicker to install.

As of September 2011, the 48" subframes come standard with air tank brackets to accommodate a jumbo tank (12" OD) with mounting holes 29.5" center-to-center. These brackets feature a forward and rearward mounting position to allow for individual preference. With the addition of the brackets, users will no longer need to weld on brackets and repaint before installation. This makes the slider more cost-efficient by reducing labor and reducing the risk of corrosion by maintaining the factory e-coating.

A second standard feature being added to the 86AR Slider series is two elongated holes to the side rail end caps to facilitate mounting mudflap brackets.

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