Retrofit bill passes Senate committee

The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act, a bill that would authorize $1 billion in grants and loans over a five-year period for the voluntary retrofitting of on- and off-road diesel engines to meet stricter emissions standards, passed the Senate Environment and Public Works committee as a standalone bill.

The bill was originally introduced as an amendment to the energy bill, which passed on a 92-1 vote. The amendment remains under consideration by Congress as the House and Senate conferees negotiate a final energy bill to be sent to the President for signing.

The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act of 2005 enjoys bipartisan support and was passed an amendment to the Energy Bill by a vote of 92 to 1,” said Sen. George V. Voinovich (R-OH) in an earlier news release. “However, I think the bill is too important for us to wait until the Energy Bill is signed into law.”

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