Report analyzes specialty trailer building

The manufacture of specialty trailers is the subject of a report by (SVN), a market research firm that provides proprietary analysis on vocational truck, body, and equipment segments.

Titled The Specialty Trailer Manufacturing Industry in North America, the 800-page study analyzes and evaluates the size, segmentation, channels, and competitive structure in the manufacture of selected types of trailers for vocational and personal use. Trailer segments examined include horse, livestock, cargo, flatbed, boat, and trailers used in other specialty applications, such as dump, cable, and vending trailers.

According to SVN, the manufacture of these types of trailers represents nearly $3 billion dollars in annual sales. Unlike over-the-road truck trailers, for which a considerable amount of market data exists, there is little information on markets for these smaller specialty trailers, mainly because the industry is fragmented and populated by many small players. Yet the collective size of the industry makes it important to suppliers of components, accessories, and materials. Several segments of the industry have enjoyed growth in the past five years, and from an industry structure standpoint, numerous acquisitions and consolidations continue to make this an intriguing segment of the transportation industry.

The study provides a breakout of market shares in units and value for nearly 600 trailer manufacturers in the United States and Canada, further divided by product type and by geographical region and illustrated by charts, tables, and maps. SVN estimates that the top 10 manufacturers overall account for 39% of total unit production. When ranked by industry revenue, the top 10 account for 27.3% of dollar sales.

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