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Report analyzes concrete mix truck market (SVN), a business research consulting firm that provides proprietary analysis on vocational and specialized truck segments, has recently released an industry business study on the manufacture/fabrication of varied types of “bodies” for concrete mix applications.

The study is titled The Manufacture of Specialty Trucks for Concrete Mix, Concrete Pump, and Volumetric Mixer Applications in North America: analysis and evaluation of the size, segmentation, growth, competition, and trends in the manufacture of key types of vocational/specialty vehicles for concrete pour applications. This analysis segments the market into different types of vehicles for truck-mounted concrete pour work; namely, rear discharge concrete mixers, front discharge concrete mixers, concrete pumps, and volumetric mixers.

SVN has identified this as an activity representing around $550 million in production value, with around 15 participants in North America.

Historically, each of the four product types has represented a specialized subindustry, with only top-tier manufacturers offering more than one product. However, there is now increasing likelihood of broadening of product line offerings by key players seeking diversification and increased sales to a common customer base.

Volumetric mixers are the fastest-growing segment, but remain a cottage industry with small specialized players able to deliver a highly customized unit. Front discharge mixers have seen their premiums erode as the novelty has slowly worn off on the benefits of one-man operation. Concrete pumps have found a place in the United States market from their European origins, where they are greatly popular, with demand stabilized at a few hundred units due to their high capital cost.

These and other aspects of the market for each product type are detailed with breakouts of market size, shares, and growth. Virtually all the manufacturers in the industry, whether large or small, are profiled with descriptions of the company, products, niches, and outlook. Data on the number of concrete mix trucks in use are included from census counts.

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