Remote Diagnostics Control Standard on Whitney 3400 RTC-60

A new open-architecture control is now standard on all W A Whitney 3400 RTC-60 (Rail Tool Changer) hydraulic punch/TRUECut oxygen plasma cutting systems. The 180i GE Fanuc control lets software and machine problems be diagnosed and solved via phone. A Whitney service engineer logs onto the user's control from a remote location and implements corrective actions. Service engineers can:

- Diagnose problems associated with programming, improper application of offsets, and other common issues.

- Troubleshoot hardware problems by viewing a history of error messages and monitor inputs and outputs.

- Update software and change/reload parameters for machine enhancements to the latest software version.

- Provide an improved vehicle for on-the-spot training over the phone.

The operator interface of the CNC control runs in a Windows NT environment, which allows use of Windows-based software.

The 3400 RTC-60 offers a 60" x 120" work envelope and nine tool stations for punching and forming. Material up to 1/2" thick is punched, formed, and cut without repositioning. Hydraulic work-clamps with 2,500 pounds of clamping force are repositioned in the tooling locations without using wrenches.

Forty tons of hydraulic power can punch up to 5"-diameter holes in 1/4" mild steel. Stripper height is programmable to accommodate bowed material and forming functions.

The 3400 RTC-60 is equipped with TRUECut oxygen plasma cutting system for dross-free, weldable profile edges. Finished parts are automatically removed through a 24" x 60" drop door.

For full details, contact Whitney, 650 Race St, PO Box 1206, Rockford IL 61105.

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